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The market potential of soil treatment is erupting soon.



The market potential of soil treatment is erupting soon.

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随着土壤污染治理的需求进一步释放,行业处理能力明显不足。这就意味着,市场仍有巨大的空间等待发掘。业内人士普遍预测,土壤污染治理市场发展的黄金期已然来临,“蛋糕”分食的竞争正在上演。  众所周知,土壤污染的成因横跨污水、固废、环卫等多个领域,并且与环境监测息息相关。而且,土壤污染治理由于本身的复杂性对技术和设备的要求颇高,导致治理进程相对缓慢。  根据《全国土壤污染状况调查公报》数据显示,全国土壤总

With the further release of the demand for soil pollution control, the industry's processing capacity is obviously insufficient. This means that the market still has a huge space for exploration. People in the industry generally predict that the golden period for the development of the soil pollution treatment market is already on the horizon, and competition for “cake” food distribution is being staged.

As we all know, the causes of soil pollution span many areas such as sewage, solid waste, and sanitation, and are closely related to environmental monitoring. Moreover, due to the complexity of its own, soil pollution treatment requires high technology and equipment, resulting in relatively slow progress in the governance process.

According to the "National Soil Pollution Survey Communique" data, the national total soil exceeds the standard rate of 16.1%, and moderate to severe pollution of arable land is as high as 50 million mu. Among them, the types of contaminated land include cultivated land, forest land, grassland, land for heavy polluting enterprises, industrial waste, solid waste disposal and disposal sites, and mining areas. At the same time, soil pollution is presenting a situation of basin-level and regionalization, and soil environmental protection needs to be strengthened.

The "Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan" clearly requires that the safe utilization rate of polluted arable land by 2020 should reach about 90%, and the safety utilization rate of polluted land should reach over 90%. This also means that the demand for soil pollution control has been successively released and the governance gap still exists. Therefore, as long as the company can seize the opportunity, it will be able to cut a piece of the big cake of soil pollution control.

The potential of the market for soil pollution control has reached the critical point of the outbreak - the Ministry of Environmental Protection has for the first time publicly disclosed the key projects of the "Implementation and Management of Soil Pollution Prevention Action Plan Project" and the overall target for 2017. It is reported that this has further improved the implementation and management of the Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan and created an atmosphere for the rapid development of the soil pollution control market in many aspects.

From the perspective of transaction items and contract data for soil remediation alone, it is possible to view the leopards in public – public data show that from 2007 to 2015, China's total amount of soil remediation contracts totaled approximately 9.9 billion yuan. During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, the soil remediation market has cumulatively created data of 8 billion yuan. In 2015, there were more than 100 soil remediation projects in China with a contract value of 2.128 billion yuan.

The entire soil pollution treatment market has broad prospects. According to the global environmental research network, the market capacity of the soil remediation industry in China during the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period was 72.45 billion yuan, including 15 billion yuan for arable land restoration, 4.88 billion yuan for site restoration, and 8.65 billion for mine rehabilitation. yuan. During this period, the soil monitoring market in China was approximately 798.4 billion yuan, including soil monitoring equipment of 32 billion yuan and third-party operational services of 47.84 billion yuan.

The soil pollution treatment market is territorial – taking the soil remediation industry as an example, this regionality is very obvious. Overall, the number of soil remediation projects in the south is greater than that in the north, while most of the Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions are contaminated sites for chemical companies, while the Hunan and Hubei provinces are dominated by heavy metal pollution. Therefore, the current hot spot of China's soil remediation market is also regional, mainly concentrated in the Xiangjiang River Basin, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

Environmentally-listed companies are concerned about soil governance - the direction of market development is becoming clear, and environmental protection listed companies are gradually increasing their focus on soil pollution control business. High-Energy Environment In 2016, the environmental rehabilitation sector realized revenue of 4981.2173 million yuan, an increase of 43.39%. Boschco has a full range of service industry chains in the field of soil remediation. The total number of orders in hand reaches 232.6104 million yuan; Yongqing Environmental Protection can be considered the first batch of layouts. One of the companies in the field of soil remediation has determined the core position of the business.

It is undeniable that there are still some variables in the pattern of the soil pollution treatment market, but the overall development trend is basically stable. People in the industry have also predicted that the next three to five years will be the golden period for the rapid development of the soil pollution control industry.